Arabian Framework

The Arabian Framework is Creative Magic’s take on the classic Arabian Tent
inspired, of course, by “The Haunted House” in Mark Wilson’s Complete Course of Magic.
Brian South, owner of Creative Magic, has used the Arabian Ghost house in his
show for over 15 years and it has proven to be a crowd pleaser.

The Arabian Tent is one of the many great contributions to the magic community of mastermind U. F. Grant. It was published in its most basic form in his booklet Victory Carton Illusions under the name “Doll House” and since then this simple yet powerful method of producing a person has been used and published by countless magicians with a number of great improvements.

Dozens of these plans were studied and combined to come up with what we think are the perfect dimensions. The “Haunted House” routine has been expanded with a storyline that works year-round and the appearance of a second person (which strengthens the surprise appearance of the magician himself).

Dimensions fully set up:

30" by 33"
40" tall (tip of roof)

Dimensions in bag:
Everything including the two
costumes fits in a duffle bag
33" long and 10" wide

Only 10 pounds without costumes
(15 pounds with costumes)

The Arabian Framework has been engineered in true Creative Magic form with the
ability to not only pack flat but pack into a small duffle bag as well. It is easy to set up, light weight,
and durable. Plus it has interchangeable coverings for the poles which allows for endless theme
possibilities and the opportunity for you to add your own personal creative touch.

Ghost House Effect:

The magician shows the pieces of a miniature house (in this case haunted). After explaining that he used to
live next door to a real haunted house and has since been afraid of ghosts, he shows the audience a ghost costume that his
mother made him to help him overcome his fear. The costume didn't work and that is why he has these pieces of a ghost house. Tonight he will recreate the haunted house and with the support of the audience he will overcome his fear. But as an added precaution he will wear the ghost costume as well. After putting on the costume he quickly shows the three sections of the house to be empty, constructs the house and then takes off the roof to reveal his assistant. They take a few bows and then the roof is placed back on and when it is removed the magician steps out of the house and points proudly to the ghost who takes off her hood to take her bows.

Video teaser

Video live performance*

*In the live performance the ghost costume
is slightly different than the ones that
will come with yours.


Comes complete with the bungee poles, Ghost House coverings, two one-size-fits-all ghost costumes,
a carrying bag, instructional DVD, booklet and certificate of authenticity.

Sorry, currently out of stock.

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